Lowering Energy Needs

Many older homes have come under scrutiny over the last few decades because they are not energy efficient, and lowering...


Harvesting the Breeze

Homeowners have long clamored for energy solutions to the growing cost of electricity, but many believed wind power was not...


Savings from Sunlight

Solar power, when it first became popular, was actually more expensive than hooking into the local electrical grid. The main...


Efficient Modern Appliances

The Retro movement has been growing strong over the last few years, but those who seek energy savings have found...

Many modern families have dreamed of building a home that is self-sufficient, and advanced in technology have made at least some of their dreams come true. While they might not be able to completely unplug from modern civilization, there are now options that make their homes more affordable than ever before. Home building off the grid has become a lifestyle, and many contractors have invested in learning how to satisfy this growing trend in residences.

Even if a family wants to remain within a developed area, they now have many options to keep them partially independent from energy reliance on outside factors. Some people simply want to invest in efficient appliances that will keep their bills lower, and others are interested in ensuring they will not suffer power outages due to downed transmission lines. Either way, builders have come up with innovative ways to help them reach their energy goals.